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The Pact Youth Diversion Project which is based in the Inner City and Ferrybank areas worked with participants between the ages of 12-18 years over the course of the year. The project works with a total of 40 participants on a yearly basis. The project works primarily with Juvenile Liaison Officer Referrals, but also with young people at risk in the Inner City and Ferrybank areas.

The Objectives of the Pact Project are:

  • To identify the young people who are involved in or who are risk of becoming involved in crime
  • To improve the life quality and expectations of the young people involved
  • To raise the self-confidence and self-esteem of the young people
  • To divert the young people by using positive and fun programmes in which they have an active roll
  • To challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • To encourage learning and development skills and talents in the young people
  • To promote positive relations between the Gardai and the target communities
  • To actively involve the Gardai in programmes with young people
  • To assist in the development of inter community communications and work

Group work has been pivotal for all skills based developments in education, crime prevention, and enabling young people to cope more effectively with social interaction. All participants are engaged in a variety of activities throughout the year which enable staff to work together with young people to increase positive relationships with adults within the project and the wider community.

Young people are included in each aspect of their personal development. They are encouraged to develop a number of skills to assist them in coping with stressful situations for example:

  • Interview preparation
  • School issues
  • Home situations
  • Stress prior to cautions or court cases
  • Job and school application
  • C.V Preparation
  • Referrals for counselling
  • Referrals for drug counselling
  • Anger Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Support and preparation with young people, for personal issues
  • Conflict resolution with others
  • Drugs and addiction
  • School or education placement
  • Young people are empowered to access services to support them in preparation for the Junior and Leaving Cert exams

Participants regularly take part in programmes which aim to develop civic responsibility. For example participants organised a sponsored 10 km walk to raise monies for Cancer Support Services. Young people demonstrated a high level of pro social behaviour and civic responsibility in their interactions with adults at the reception held afterwards.

Recent Events

Photos from Kayaking Level 1 facilitated by Shielbeggan Outdoor Education Centre and funded by the European Social Fund. Also photos from the Drug Awareness Art Project, First Aid programme, Surfing programme and Youth Exchange Sailing.

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