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Webmail: Versions 3 & 4
You can use this area to send and receive work emails.  If your project has not yet received a new WSTCYS email address, please click here.
Webmail 4 is the new interface and has a calendar utility linked to the WSTCYS main calendar.
Webmail 3 is the old interface and provides basic email only. It's simpler, so it works a little faster and can be used if you are experiencing problems with the Webmail 4 interface.

This is the WSTCYS staff news section. Please contribute articles and pictures for use here. See 'Submit and Article' at the base of this page for more details.

You can get  the latest forms, images and work related documents here.

Staff Directory:
A list of project and workers contact details within the WSTCYS.

External Links:
Other community, legal and statutory bodies.

Staff FAQ:
Work related questions that are frequently asked.

Local Information:
A database of community based services within Waterford City and County,  This site is maintained by Waterford Youth Information Centre.

Site Search:
Advanced search facility for this site. You can also run a general search by using the ‘search box’ on the top right hand side of each page.

Search Google:
Run a quick Google search without leaving this site.

Submit an Article:
Write a news, personal or work related article you wish to share with your colleagues or visitors.  It will be reviewed and published on this site in the relevant area.  This ability to share text, images, audio and video is primary function of this Content Management System Site.

Site Styles:
You can chose from six different themes with eighteen variations to view this site. Your choice will be remembered and used the next time you visit. Click 'Site Styles' on the main top navigation menu and select your choice of theme.

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