Cityside Community Based Drugs Initiative

The Cityside Community Based Drugs Initiative provides a range of locally based and accessible supports for parents, families and young people directly affected by substance misuse. The project operates in the areas of Ferrybank, the Innercity and the Northwest suburbs.

Support is provided through one to one work, the provision of the auricular acupuncture clinics, a drop in service and the facility for family support groups to come together. The priority at all times is to provide a safe, confidential and non judgmental space for people who may be going through a very difficult time in their life because of drugs including alcohol.

The Community Based Drugs Initiative also promotes the prevention of substance misuse through raising awareness in local communities, by offering drug awareness/education programmes on a prevention and harm reduction basis for Parents, Young People, Community and Voluntary Groups throughout the target areas.

Another element of the initiative is to provide an opportunity for people interested in their community and concerned about the effect substance misuse is having in their area to come together. Communities are supported and encouraged to identify the needs in their own area and are helped to develop plans to respond to the drug misuse issues in their community.


The overall aim of Cityside Community Based Drugs Initiative is to support local communities in increasing their awareness of drug related issues and facilitate the development of strategies to reduce the demand for drugs in communities.


  • Enhance the capacity of communities to identify and respond to local needs and to address substance misuse in a collective manner.
  • Develop and implement community responses to substance misuse.
  • Improve the quality of life of people affected by substance misuse in the targeted communities.
  • Increase the awareness of substance misuse related issues.
  • Inform local regional and national agencies of local needs and issues.
  • To initiate, provide and develop new programmes and responses designed to meet the specific needs in relation to substance related issues.
  • Management Committee, made up of people from voluntary and statutory agencies and local people from different parts of the city.
  • Facilitate Community Teams in identifying and responding to drug related issues in their own areas


Policy & Practice

  • The Drugs Initiative plays an active part in developing and formulating policy and practice in the area of Community Drugs Work.
  • Act as the link for two way communication between communities and agencies for developing policies around drugs and development.


Be informed of and contribute to the progress of;

  • The Regional Drugs task Force.
  • The  Local Drug Task Force and its  sub-committees i.e., Supply Reduction and Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Young People’s facilities and services fund sub-committee
Other relevant community steering groups and committees.