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The end is near, yes we are in the final stretch of our ‘March Around Ireland Steps Challenge’ and it has been quite the trip!

The engagement and tempo has only been increasing over the last number of weeks, our young people, their families and youth workers must really want their project to be #1, and who can blame them.

So, where are we at then coming into the final few days??

I’m glad you asked, drum roll again please…

*pause for dramatic effect*

12,222,679 STEPS


In the last update, I set the challenge to see if we could make it around Ireland a second time before the 31st of March….and IT HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY SMASHED!!

As a collective, we have now traveled around Ireland just shy of 3 TIMES (12,484,251 steps roughly).

Now maybe I am asking too much here but I think we have it in us…do you think we could make it around ONCE more before the 31st??? I mean we have made light work of the last couple of weeks. I think we have it in us!

Well done to everyone involved in getting out and hammering the roads, the youth workers keeping everyone motivated and recording their steps and to the kind souls who have been donating/sharing our GoFundMe link.

Which reminds me, we are just over half way to our goal on the GoFundMe and would like to remind everyone that it is still available for donation! Link:

Let’s get this final push going, get the runners on and get out to enjoy that beautiful Spring Sun.


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