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WSTCYS March Around Ireland Step Challenge/Fundraiser

As part of our community youth worker’s effort to promote the health/wellbeing of young people throughout this lockdown, they put their heads together and sprinkled in a little bit of healthy competition to get our young people moving.

This step challenge will allow young people, volunteers, staff and family members in each project to get out in the month of March and collectively get steps in with the goal of being the project to do the most steps. The steps will be recorded by each youth worker and at the end of the month the winners will be announced and awarded prizes.

If that wasn’t good enough, they had the great idea to incorporate a gofundme link (see below), which will raise some funds for our community youth projects across the region.

We have established, through our friend google, that the circumference around Ireland is roughly 3,171km. This means that 1km is roughly 1,250-1,550 steps or in total, 3,171km=4,161,417.32 steps…now that sounds doable! With this, I ask you, how many times can your project walk around Ireland in the month of March?

For more information please contact your youth worker and most importantly, if you are taking part in this challenge, we insist you adhere to the governmental Covid-19 guidelines, stay within your 5KM radius, social distance where possible and wear masks when needed. But most importantly, we hope you have fun!

For anyone who wishes to get involved through a much appreciated donation please follow this link: WSTCYS-GOFUNDME-LINK


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