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Waterford & South Tipperary Community Youth Service is an Equal Opportunities Employer.  Our commitment to Equal Opportunities means that we wish to ensure that every applicant is treated fairly. The information you provide in your application form is the only information we will use in deciding whether or not you will be shortlisted for an interview and it will be used as a basis for the interview itself.  Your application is therefore very important and the following advice is designed to help you complete it as effectively as possible.


Your Application

You can send a request to for a Job Description for the post you are applying for or you can download the following documents from our website:

  1. Job Description – This outlines the main duties and the competencies required for the post.  Please read this carefully.
  2. Application Form – How to fill it in

a) It is preferable that you complete an application form electronically and send it back by email to

b) After reading the job description think carefully about your application and consider to what extent you have the skills and experience necessary for the post.

c) You can submit a CV and cover letter or you can complete W.S.T.C.Y.S.’s application form and send it in with a cover letter.

d) If you are applying for more than one position, please send in a cover letter and C.V./Application Form for each position, as there may be different HR personnel handling the recruitment for each.

f) The Employment section on your C.V. or the Application Form gives you the opportunity to tell us about the work you are doing now or have done in the past. Always remember to specify your responsibilities rather than those of your section or department.

g) The Education/Training section asks for the relevant training and qualifications, which you have undertaken or achieved. Please mention qualifications and/or training (if any), which are relevant to the post for which you have applied.

h) The section on describing how you meet the requirements of the post is a very important part of the application. Please use it to tell us how you meet requirements of the job description.  Do remember that experience can be gained from current or previous employment, community or voluntary work, student placements and experience gained in the home and through leisure interests.

i)  Make note of the closing date for applications and return your form before that date. Remember to keep a copy of the form for yourself.

Please return the completed form to:

WSTCYS Employment Application Form

Please note

  • C.V.’s or application forms received after the closing date and time will not be accepted


Our Recruitment Process



After the closing date, all application forms are read to see how each person’s skills and experience relate to the post being applied for, i.e. how they match the job description. Applicants who meet these requirements most closely are invited for first round interviews.



The interview panel is normally made up of a minimum of 3 people who will ask a number of pre-determined questions. For the first round interviews, everyone interviewed will be asked the same questions. There may also be supplementary questions based on the information you have given us in your application form. The questions are intended to allow you to expand on your application form and to show the panel how well you meet the requirements of the job.

Depending on the number of potentially suitable candidates identified in the first round, second round interviews are usually held.  These provide a further opportunity for those selected to attempt to demonstrate their suitability and for the panel to assess the best fit for the post.  This usually involves the candidates being set a number of tasks on which they must prepare a presentation which the panel will discuss with them.  Following this round, a suitable candidate is usually selected.

You will have an opportunity at both the first round interview and the second round interview to ask questions about the job, conditions of service or anything else you need to know about W.S.T.C.Y.S.

At both stages, the panel has to keep a record of their assessment of each candidate so that the reasons for their decisions are clear, consistent and justifiable.



We try very hard to ensure that every stage in our recruitment process is fair and properly thought out. We have a duty to ensure that you are treated fairly and helpfully even if you are not appointed. If you wish to discuss why you have been unsuccessful, please contact the manager handling the recruitment process and a time will be set up to provide you with any feedback which you may require.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly you can pursue the matter under WSTCYS Complaints & Feedback Policy below.

WSTCYS Complaints Policy and Procedures



W.S.T.C.Y.S. reserves the right to seek both written and verbal references from current and previous employers, educational institutions or any other organisations with which the candidate has been associated. W.S.T.C.Y.S. also reserves the right to determine the merit, appropriateness and relevance of such references and referees. Please note: Candidates are requested not to submit written references with their application form.


Garda Vetting

In accordance with legislation, W.S.T.C.Y.S. will seek, as part of the selection process, Garda Clearance in respect of candidates. You will receive specific instructions on this process at the appropriate time.


Offer of Employment and Appointment

It should be noted that no offer of employment is made, or should be interpreted as having been made, until W.S.T.C.Y.S. formally offers a contract of employment.

A person will not be appointed to a position until a signed contract is returned to the C.E.O.

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