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Discover EU Erasmus+ Inclusion

This year saw the launch of a new Erasmus+ program . Discover EU gives young people 18 the opportunity to obtain a free Interrail pass to travel through Europe.  Discover EU Inclusion opened to Youth Projects to give young people extra support to access these opportunities. WSTCYS supported two projects over the summer

SHY Project – June 2023

The SHY Project headed to Brussels with four young women, aged 18, who have been involved in the Youth project for a number of years. Two of their youth workers traveled with them and supported them throughout the journey.  The young women identified where they wanted to go and were heavily involved in the planning of their European Adventure. The group visited Belgium, France and Switzerland. They traveled by train between these countries. An amazing experience for all involved.


Solo Travel – July 2023

Etse & Ronan have been involved with WSTCYS for a number years. They travelled arounf Europe visiting 10 cities over a 15 day itinerary. The young people travelled independently and planned their entire trip down to the times of their trains.  They kept in contact with their Youth Worker throughout their travels.  They both described the project as an ‘unbelieveable experience’ and buillt an array of skills throughout the experience.

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