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WSTCYS COVID-19 Statement

Our Community Youth Service understands this is a very challenging time for all those involved in our service and beyond. Young People, Service Users, Volunteers and Staff are experiencing a lot of anxiety and are concerned about what is happening across our communities, country and indeed the world.

It is a fast changing and evolving situation and our staff and volunteers have adapted and responded in a variety of creative and innovative ways to maintain a level of support and care to young people and service users across Waterford & South Tipperary.

We continue to be there for people and maintain direct connections with all those involved across the service at this difficult time.

We have adapted new approaches to engage and support people while maintaining best practice and a strengths based approach to work effectively with all people engaged in our service.

We are using a variety of digital and social media platforms as well as phone contact, provision of topic specific information and one to one support for crisis interventions on a needs basis.

The underlying focus of each interaction is to support people to develop and enhance self-care strategies to cope with and build resilience in this global crisis.

We know it is challenging for our staff to work from home and our peer to peer support methods are helping staff and volunteers to share practice wisdom as well as to give and receive support.

We would like to thank all the young people, service users, staff and volunteers for rising to the challenge and helping to maintain a vital service and doing our part to get through this together.

Stay safe & keep well x

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